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Cat Stramer

Cat Stramer is the Founding Partner and Managing Director of SlateBlue Design. Cat is an architect and graphic designer with over 20 years experience and who has focused her career on bridging the gap between architecture, interior design, and graphics. Cat brings fresh perspectives to each new project by applying aspects of branding design and development to all her design solutions, from retail spaces to personal residences. She has been especially successful working with entrepreneurs to position and launch brands and environments and is committed to the business success of her clients. Cat is responsible for concept design and brand management for the past 15 years for over 75 Sam Adams brewhouse locations in airports and military bases throughout the U.S. The Samuel Adams brewhouse concepts offer a complete experiential package for customers and incorporate iconic imagery of the city within which each restaurant is located. She also oversees projects that range from stand-alone retail and restaurant protoypes to airport environments, advertising campaigns, and brand architecture. Prior to founding SlateBlue Design, Cat was the Manager of the Consumer Environments Group at the Boston design firm ICON architecture. Before joining ICON, Catherine was a designer and art director at Bergmeyer and Associates, a multidisciplinary architectural design firm.

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