Hospitality Exchange

SlateBlue Design has been invited to participate in this years Hospitality Executive Exchange in Santa Barbara, CA. SB will conduct an interactive seminar called Branding on a Budget. The seminar will focus on the discipline of branding to build awareness and customer loyalty. A panel of experts from SlateBlue Design will explain a five-step process for developing successful hospitality brands that is particularly mindful of limited resources like budgets and manpower. A fun, hands-on exercise will reinforce critical steps of the brand-development process, including research, identity design, and asset management. The panelists will share successful case studies for budget-conscious branding, as well as tips for retaining consultants and small agencies

“Hospitality Executive Exchange is a fresh format that focuses on one-on-one appointments, networking and interactive roundtables. There are many events in the marketplace that  have buyers and suppliers feeling pulled and pressured, but HEE provides an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, coupled with hand-selected and invitation only attendance, that truly provides “Relationship-Building Opportunities”. The balance of networking, face-to-face meetings and educational topics feed off each other to build powerful, strategic relationships that can not be achieved anywhere else.

HEE West will be held on October 27-30, 2013 at the Bacara Resort and Spa in Santa Barbara, California.”

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